Oakley hoodies are the perfect winter or cooler climate companion that will go with you anywhere and are always up for a good time. Made using a quality blend of Cotton and Poly fabrics, Oakley hoodies are that perfect balance of warm and cozy that are durable and ready to take on hundreds of washes without pilling or looking tired and worn. Utilizing quick-dry water repellent technology, these moto hoodies are designed to dry out super quick if you get rained on or wet for some reason. Featuring full-length zippers on some of their hoody ranges, you'll be able to keep wearing one of these bad boys even when the day starts heating up a bit, but not enough to take it off entirely. 

These regular fit hoodies aren't overly tight nor too baggy, they're just right. At the core of Oakley's clothing range is the focus on having great fitting garments that compliment most body types. We here at MXstore believe they have absolutely nailed this and have delivered a line of clothing that all have that 'great fit' feel that the brand set out to achieve. Oakley hoodies have the handy joey pockets at the front to put your hands in and keep them warm or to put your essentials such as keys, phone, or wallet in. Whether you're hanging out by the track, taking the dog for a walk, out on the boat, on your way to the gym, or jumping on a plane, these comfortable MX hoodies will keep you warm no matter what you're doing or where you're going. For a great winter warmer check out the full range of Oakley hoodies today!