Oakley Crowbar tear-offs are a great selection of tear-offs to get your favourite Oakley Crowbar lenses covered with quality laminated protection. There's nothing worse than riding around in MX goggles that you can't see out of because of dirt, mud, and roost build up that doesn't seem to wipe away easily with the back of your unabsorbing jersey. Your best bet is to grab yourself some Oakley Crowbar tear offs that will prevent dirt from getting into the lens layers. It also eliminates refraction, making sure you get optimal clarity without any kind of distortion resulting in brain trickery.

With just one quick pull of the tear-off tab you'll be seeing perfectly clear again with no dirt or grime making it hard to see. Not only are dirty MX goggle lenses unsafe but it's also bad for your lenses, causing wear and tear that is easily avoidable. In the event of a stack or crash, tear offs can save your lens from copping a gnarly scratch, potentially saving you money in the long run and adding to the longevity of your lens. Check out the full range of Oakley Crowbar tear-offs today and keep your sights clear.