Oakley Airbrake tear offs will have you seeing clearly through your favourite Oakley Airbrake goggles so that you can ride all day long with unobscured vision. There's nothing worse than happily riding along when suddenly it starts occurring to you that you can't really see properly, and as more roost or mud gets up in your face you're forced to stop riding and clean your goggles with the back of your super unabsorbing jersey material that does more of a smear than a clean. MX tear-offs are the solution. With just one quick pull of a tab, you'll be seeing clearly again in a matter of a split second without having to stop and fumble around trying to sort your lenses out. 

Available in both standard and laminated versions in various different pack sizes, you'll be sure to find some suitable tear offs for your Airbrakes. Check out the full range of Oakley Airbrake tear offs today for perfect vision no matter the condition!