Oakley Airbrake goggle lenses are the perfect option for when you're riding in conditions that are frequently changing and you want to adjust your MX goggles accordingly to maximise your vision capabilities and enhance contrast and dirt transitions. Whether you're riding on a super bright and glary day, or you're squinting your way through a dull overcast day and struggling to make out anything, or perhaps somewhere in between, there's an Oakley Airbrake goggle lens that will suit your riding conditions. 

For a bright, sunny day opt for a Prizm MX Black Iridium lens to help block out the sun and give you pin-point vision. For dark, overcast days go for just a straight up clear lens or a more advanced Prizm MX Bronze lens. The Prizm MX Saphire Iridium, Prizm MX Jade Iridium, and Prizm MX Torch Iridium will fall in between your bright and overcast days and would be suitable for a sun with clouds kind of day. 

Not only do replacement lenses serve the purpose of enhancing your vision in changing light conditions but they're also to have as spares in case you cop a branch to the face or scratch up your lens in a crash. A lot of riders also purchase multiple tint colours to complement an array of colourways that they run. Changing a lens out to match your goggles, helmet, MX gear set, and boots can make a huge difference to the look you're going for.

Check out the full range of Oakley Airbrake goggle lenses today and chuck a few spares in your gear bag for when the lighting changes or to mix and match your race colours! You can never be too prepared.