Neken conical handlebars are in super high demand all year round! These classic bar designs made from aerospace quality materials are used by Factory teams in the United States such as Star Racing Yamaha for their Conical design, Easy handlebar centering, Knurled clutch side, and overall better grip hold! These tapered bars are oversize made on the internal variable diameter for the most durable design on the market! With small notches and lines on the centre of the piece, the moto and enduro dirt bikes have better handlebar centering on the clamping area with the slight indexation. The mounting area has small laser markings, ensuring riders and mechanics are always putting the handlebars in the centre. the grip area on these products ensures that any form of dirt bike grip can fit. be sure to check out the range of aftermarket grips to fit the new handlebars!

T6 aluminium aerospace quality materials are used in these variable diameter handlebars to offer a supreme upgrade from the OEM parts you are replacing. Off-road dirt bike handlebars need to be extremely durable as they are subject to extreme forces every time you hit the track. Hence the variable thickness design is utilised on these Neken handlebars to provide an 'oversize bar' that still fits on the original triple clamps in the 28mm mounting kit. These high-quality aftermarket motocross bike upgrades are available for KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha YZF, Kawasaki, Suzuki RMZ, and even ATV models!