Catering to a wide variety of dirt bike and adventure bike enthusiasts, Motoz offer a tyre to suit almost every off-road rider and terrain. The large range of Motoz tyres are designed by an Australian development team with decades of experience gained as dirt bike enthusiasts. The feedback and refinement that has come from putting their own motorbike tyres and products through the ringer as participants in Australia's enduro and motocross events, as well as endless kilometres of adventure riding, has allowed Motoz products to offer the best quality performance and wear life available. Their focus on adventure tyres, dual sport and off-road tyres ensures this quality remains undiluted. 

The Motoz range of front tyres and rear tyres includes the Terrapactor, Tractionator and Hybrid series. For more motocross oriented riding, the Terrapactor is the go to range. The Tractionator series features a more substantial construction more suitable for harsh conditions like desert racing, multi day enduro events or longer distance adventure riding.  The Tractionator Desert H/T, Tractionator Enduro S/T , Tractionator Enduro I/T, Tractionator Adventure, GPS and RallZ feature this heavier duty approach of the Motoz Tractionator range. Motoz's hybrid tyre series offers a range that cater to more specialized or focused usages, and included the Mountain Hybrid, Xtreme Hybrid and Arena Hybrid.