Everyone likes getting their hands dirty when it comes to dirt bike maintenance, and our range of Motorex Grease is definitely going to help you out there. One of the more essential products in any workshop, Grease has an almost endless line of uses and functions when it comes to engines and dirt bikes. One thing that is without a doubt going to help you out when it comes to working with grease is our Motorex Grease Gun, which makes applying grease to difficult to reach places an absolute breeze. Don't let your dirt bike suffer the consequences of a lack of lubrication simply because you can't reach somewhere, and get the grease fun in there for you.

Of course, we're open to the idea that some people don't like getting their hands dirty with this kind of thing (we definitely recommend investing in some disposable nitrile gloves if that's the case). Thankfully for you, Motorex made not only their standard 850gm tub of grease, but they've also got an easy to use 500ml Motorex Grease Spray so you can try and keep your hands a little less in the action. All of our options of Motorex Grease are going to offer premium lubrication and maximum adhesion, so you can rest easy knowing it's going to do the job you need it to do. For the ultimate protection against corrosion and wear and tear, even under the most extreme condition, you can't go wrong with Motorex Grease. Spend over $20 on any order of Motorex Grease here at MXstore and you'll score yourself free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia as well!