MXstore carries quite a few options of Motorex Chain Lube, which goes a long way to showing how thorough of a brand Motorex really is when it comes to these kinds of products. Typically a brand will have one or two options when it comes to dirt bike chain lube - most people would assume it's a pretty stock standard product and the only real differences between them might be the size of the can. Motorex, however, have really gone the extra mile with their Chain Lubricant range, with three different lines of chain lube (available in multiple sizes to suit your needs), as well as some chain lube and chain cleaner packs so you can take care of all of your chain maintenance in one hit.

First off the bat, and the most popular here at MXstore, will be there Motorex Offroad Chain Lube. This stuff is a fully synthetic wear-reducing chain lubricant that's been tested with X-rings and O-rings chains for proven performance and is especially suited to motocross and enduro riding. As well as the 500ml option, we also carry a much smaller 56ml can that's perfect to carry about in your tool bag whilst you're riding. We've also got a specific Road Chain Lube, again available in the two different sizes, that has been specially formulated for road going motorcycles. Last but not least we have our Motorex Racing Chain Lube, a special white lubricant that's been strengthened with Teflon®, providing extreme adhesion for optimum chain maintenance and the cleanest of rims.

All of our Motorex Chain Lube options here at MXstore are proven performers in their specific areas of use, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed with how well they work for you. Keep in mind that all orders over the $20 mark will score you free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia, so you won't get caught out with any excess postage charges. One thing to note is that our Motorex Chain Lubes are all classified as dangerous goods (aerosol sprays), so express shipping may not be available on any orders of Chain Lube, and can often add a day or two to the standard postage times of your order. This is something we, unfortunately, cannot control and given the somewhat dangerous nature of transporting items like this is something that just can't be avoided. We promise you the product will more than make up for any inconvenience!