Motorex Brake Fluid should be your go-to option if you're chasing powerful and responsive braking on your dirt bike. Motorex is well known as one of the premier oil and lubrication brands in the industry, having been making products for over 100 years now. Motorex has worked very closely with Factory Red Bull KTM teams around the world to fine-tune their product line, and their Brake Fluid is no exception. With a few different options available with across different sizes and weights, our range of Motorex Brake Fluid has got you covered no matter what you're after. If you're into your racing and demand the ultimate performance from your braking, we highly recommend the Motorex Racing Brake Fluid, one of the highest performing brake fluids on the market with an extremely high dry and wet boiling points (295oC/195oC, 563oF/383oF). This stuff easily exceeds DOT 4 and 5.1 specs and is a 500ml option that is specifically designed for high-performance racing.

We've also got your standard DOT 4 and 5.1 Motorex Brake Fluid options in the 250ml which are available at a more affordable price point. Both are solid options and will certainly get the job done for you. All of our Motorex Brake Fluids qualify for free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia if you spend over $20 on your order, so stock up with whatever you need and save getting hit with any additional freight charges on top of it.