Motorex 10w50 4 Stroke Oil is designed for use in big bore European dirt bikes, so if you're riding a four-stroke KTM, Husqvarna, or Husaberg with an engine capacity from 450cc and upwards, this is going to be the stuff for you. Motorex has been making high-quality oils for over 100 years now, and being the Oil of Switzerland, they definitely know a thing or two about European dirt bikes. The 10w50 grade Motorex 4T Oil is designed for high performance in both enduro and motocross models, so whether you're riding a KTM 450 SX-F or a Husqvarna FE450, this stuff is going to ensure your prized machine is running at optimum performance.

The Motorex 10w50 Cross Power Oil is one of the most popular oils we sell, and as the popularity of these euro dirt bikes continues to soar, we don't see it slowing down anytime soon. 100% synthetic, and developed and proven in the top level of racing competition all around the world, it's easy to see why this 4 Stroke oil is so popular. It's made to run flawlessly at extreme temperatures and offer the rider the very best in clutch and gearbox performance, so if you're chasing the smoothest of riders and premium engine operation, you can't go wrong with Motorex 10w50 Oil. 

All orders on our range of Motorex 10w50 4 Stroke oil over $20 will score you free shipping on your order, so make sure you stock up and save on freight! We also offer bulk buy options across most of the range, so not only can you stock up on oil essentials, you can save yourself some dollars while you're at it. And we've even got this handy little video below for you to check out if you're at all unsure of how to do an oil change on your bike, so check it out and see if there are any ways to save yourself some hassle next time your baby is due for a service!