Motorex 10w40 4 Stroke Oil is one of our most common (and most popular) lines when it comes to dirt bike oil. Motorex is, of course, one of the premier brands in the dirt bike industry, having been making industry-leading oil for over 100 years now. These guys definitely know what they're doing when it comes to taking care of your dirt bike's engine! The 10w40 grade of Motorex Oil is designed for use in most Japanese model Motocross bikes (Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha), and with a few different options available at this viscosity, there's a Motorex 10w40 Oil for everyone!

We recommend the Motorex Racing Pro 4T Cross Oil for all the racers out there who are determined to have their machine running at a factory level (or as close to it as they possibly can). Designed to thrive in even the toughest of racing conditions, this stuff offers your engine the best wear protection possible and guarantees the maximum protection for your clutch. For those of you who are a little less serious about your riding but still want a premium level oil running through your engine, the Motorex Top Speed 10w40 Oil is an extremely safe and solid option that comes at an affordable price point.

Don't forget that all orders on Motorex 10w40 4T Oil over the $20 mark will score you free standard shipping on your order, to absolutely anywhere in Australia! And for those of you who might be a little stuck on how to do an oil change on your dirt bike, fear not - the legends at Motorex have put together this little instructional video to take you through it, ensuring you can get the job done without any hassle.