Rocky Creek Designs offer a range of Motopressor tyre oriented accessories to help you get out on your ride quicker, and stay on the ride longer. Here at MXstore we stock the Motopressor Pocket Pump, an ultra compact great little pump that packs away into a tidy neoprene bag, it's powered by connecting directly to your motorcycle's battery or with the included alligator clip adaptors. It's small size means they can fit in the palm of your hand allowing them to easily be taken on any ride to the middle of nowhere, and pump out some serious volume when needed. As well we also have the Motopressor Mini Digital Tyre Pump, which offers a hands free use where you are able to set your 28psi pressure, which once reached the pump will shut off. This unit can be powered by a battery cable to your bike or the Motopressor Mini Jump Starter Battery Pack - another worthy addition to your long haul set up. Packing enough juice to get the biggest of bikes and even snowmobiles kicked into life, this unit can be charged by way of a power cord and wall socket, or with a 12 volt adapter for maintaining a full charge on your ride. As well as the pumps and battery pack, Motopressor make a range of motorcycle tyre pressure gauges and puncture repair items. Take your pick of the Motopressor tyre gauges - their is the larger analog model with an extended hose to get into the trickiest of valve stems or the simple digital tyre guage that holds the psi reading for you to check. All in all, a great range of products, backed by an Aussie couple who live and breath motorcycling.