The elation and the experiences offered by getting out and riding a dirt bike is pretty hard to match. Capturing these moments and expressing the experience is certainly even harder, but it is something Motology Films does a bloody good job at. Film-maker Adam Riemann has built a fair library of DVD's from the incredible motorcycle adventures he has undertaken, having ventured across most of Australia as well as exotic locations including the Andes, Bolivia and Dakar to capture his adventure films. The MotoNomad series shows the effort that it takes as well as the experiences that come from taking yourself out of your comfort zone and beyond the typical enduro ride. The Motology online library features a ton of content, offering insights into many of Australia's top off road racers, shakedowns of new bikes from Husqvarna and KTM and features on the up and comers of the Aussie off road scene. Epic pieces on some of Australia's most iconic ride destinations and grueling races will have you pumped to go ride, with the Hattah desert race captured in all it's glory in the 20 minute "Hurt of Hattah". Take a look through his lens and then get out there and ride.