USA based company Moto Tassinari have completely revolutionised the air flow aspect in the dirt bike world. Knowing air flow and the air and fuel mixture play a massive role in performace, they took advantage with their innovative attitude and never looked back. Moto Tassinari product is now seen through out the AMA Motocross and Supercross series, joining up with teams such as Monster Energy Kawasaki and Geico Honda.

2 strokes can be the funnest things on the planet to ride but can sometimes lack in mid range power and are also super tempermental. Common reasoning for this can be your reeds, as they are one of the most crucial parts to a smooth running bike and standard reeds can be super brittle and tend to lack in power. Moto Tassinari VForce Reed Valve Kits eliminate the problem by using more petals that travel at a smaller distance when opening, meaning much less vibration and giving a longer lifetime then traditional reeds. With the extra petals, they also provide much better air flow giving a much broader mid range power. Replacement reed petals for the VForce Valve Kits are also available, so when or If they do decide to wear out, it can easily be fixed.

After conquering the 2 stroke game, it wasn't long before Moto Tassinari headed over to the 4 strokes to see what they could come up with. Before long the Air4orce Intake Systems had been born. The Air4orce is a complete replacement air boot, which are made larger then OEM air boots, giving a much better all round power. The Air4orce comes with it's signature interchangable velocity stacks which change the air intake making your performance tunable for different tracks. As always Moto Tassinari revolutionising dirt bike performance.