The Moto-Gate was born from a simple idea, which stemmed for a very common problem. Load up the ute, trailer or truck for a weekend out hitting the track, but with all your prized possessions piled in the back at the same time, the tail-gate won't close, or you've got stuff hanging out the back! Grab yourself a Moto-Gate and rest easy knowing your gear isn't going flying out the back of your vehicle when you're doing 110km/h down the M1. With two different size options available, these are one of the most versatile and worthwhile products we've even had stocked here in our MXstore warehouse, so check out the different options of Moto-Gates and grab one for your next trip today! 

Of course, with a name like Moto-Gate, it's pretty easy to see what this brand was originally focused on. The gate itself is a massive hit with tradies and workmen everywhere, and with a range of Moto-Gate Tie Downs to complement the two different sizes of gates, Moto-Gate has all your transport, loading and hauling needs covered. Whether you're a rider, a tradie, or just enjoy a trip away camping with the family, Moto-Gate is what you need. Check out the Moto-Gate in action below and see for yourself just how useful they can be!