Mo-Tow is the original motorcycle carrier. Mo-Tow was developed to utilize the towball of your large vehicle to offer a solution to motocross transportation problems without the need of owning a trailer, ute or van. Designed and developed in Australia, Mo-Tow offers an easy solution for transporting your trail bike to your riding destination, whilst avoiding the hassles and cost of a traditional motocross trailer. 

Mo-Tow maintain a fantastic lightweight and can be fitted and removed in a matter of seconds, with the tube steel/aluminium construction ensuring this sturdy bike carrier is still able to offer a carrying capacity to permit your motorbike easily. The Mo-Tow bike carrier connects directly into the typical square Hayman Reece type tow-bar hitch system. The main support is fabricated out of steel while the carrier and loading ramp is made from lightweight aluminium. An anti-tilt bracket eliminates any side to side movement - making it up to the roughest terrain and excessive cornering on your way for a ride. The Mo-Tow offers secure tie down points which allows you to secure your bike in place by securing either the footpegs other substantial anchor point on your bike. 

Mo-Tow offers an excellent alternative to the typical big trailer or pick up truck that owning a dirt bike typically requires. It certainly saves when it comes to purchase price and registration costs, and the biggest advantage of all, it eliminates the need for trailer storage.