To get the best performance and longest life out of your motorcycle chain and sprockets, you will need to keep on top of some fairly basic maintenance. Regular cleaning and lubricating of your chain is one of the simplest, and most crucial parts of looking after your dirt bike. Maxima manufacture all the chain lubricants and cleaners to get this job done quickly and easily, at the same time offering superior lubrication and corrosion protection than many other chain lubes out there. Off-road riding is certainly not the easiest thing for a bike chain to put up with. Abrasive conditions and high humidity environments only help to put additional strain on what is already a heavy duty task served up to any chain, no matter if it's a cheaper standard chain or a more expensive O-Ring chain. Good chain maintenance should see you making use of Maxima CleanUp Chain Cleaner and a chain brush to help get it in amongst the less accessible areas. Once brushed and sprayed clean, a coating of either Maxima Chain Wax or Maxima Chain Guard Chain Lube is required. Both these offerings have been developed to offer minimal fling off when riding, so as to keep the lubricating material wear it's needed most. Applying this coating aids in anti-wear of both chain and sprockets, provides long term protection for your chain, and the waxy film offers excellent rust protection. All you chain care needs can be very easily looked after with only a few items from the Maxima range.