When things take a turn for the worst and you find yourself super-manning through the air without your trusty bike in hand, you'll want to know that the landing is going to be the best outcome possible. What better way to pad out your landing than with gear by a brand that considers safety to be their number one priority. The death of a fellow rider is what drove trauma surgeon, and motorcycle racer, Dr. Chris Leatt into designing his first MX neck brace prototypes in 2001. Since then the brand has become industry leaders in protective equipment in both MX and MTB. One thing the brand does exceptionally well is the Leatt body armour range. Renown for being a brand obsessed with safety, you can rest assured that this bit of body armour will shield you from your race track shenanigans. 

Leatt leaves no one out with ranges for adults as well ad the kidlets. The Leatt Fusion body armour range is like wrapping your kids in a roll of bubble wrap - except its much more technologically advanced, more breathable, and definitely more unrestrictive than a roll of plastic would be. Fusion body armour is some seriously innovative gear with its combination of neck and torso protection that addresses the fact that young riders are prone to chest, shoulder, back, flank, and neck injuries. If you want to put your kids in the safest gear on the market then look no further.

For the adults who want maximum protection and minimum injury time away from the track you cant go past the Leatt 5.5 body armour range. This piece of protective equipment will have you race ready all year round with innovative technology that we are yet to see any other brand match thus far. Leatt seems to always be one step ahead of the pack and wants nothing but the same for its riders. With a wide range of coverage options, you'll be sure to find something to suit your body armour requirements.