When you're looking for a neck brace made by a brand that is obsessed with safety, and one that won't break the bank then the Leatt 3.5 neck brace may be exactly what you're looking for. We could go on about how good this bit of gear is but we thought we'd let the figures speak for themselves. The 3.5 neck brace offers up to 43% reduction of risk for a serious neck injury, and in-molded PC shell with a polyamide reinforced EPS construction for the lowest possible neck forces. Many are of the opinion that neck braces can cause injury to other parts of your body. The thoracic rear strut found on this neck brace is engineered to snap off before applying excessive pressure to your back and the engineered collarbone cut-out ensures your helmet and brace stays away from your most fragile bones. For a great value-for-money moto neck brace made by the best safety brand on the MX scene you can rely on a Leatt 3.5 neck brace to keep you safe.