Here at MXstore were excited to be stocking the Kaoko throttle stabilizer range, available for a wide range of Motorcycles. The Kaoko Throttle Stabilizers are a must-have for anyone who enjoys cruising on their bike. They can be engaged and used at any speed – as opposed to electronic cruise controls that can only be engaged at certain speeds (40-60 km/h). The Kaoko Throttle stabilizers can still be used in conjunction with your electronic cruise control. The Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer kit consists of a simple, ingenious and robustly designed friction nut that is integral with a special Kaoko handlebar end weight. The Kaoko™ bar end weight is closely matched in appearance and weight to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) bar end weight. Most installations simply require the removal of the OEM bar end weight and the fitting of the Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer kit in its place.