For 50 years, HJC Helmets have focused on supplying high quality motorcycle helmets to both the public and racers around the world. Whether you are on the latest Yamaha or Suzuki road bike, a BMW adventure machine or a KTM or Kawasaki motocrosser, HJC have some epic offerings for both off road and on road users. This half century of manufacturing has seen them establish a range of full face motocross helmets, in a wide variety of colors and styles, allowing them to be easily paired up with the latest riding gear and goggles to ensure the most comfortable experience when on the bike. American freestyle motocross star Nate Adams has been a member of the HJC family for many years now, showing off the HJC helmet's features on the way to multiple X games medals. 

For the road oriented users, the HJC RPHA range - featuring the RPHA 11, RPHA 70 and 90 - are regarded as HJC's most premium helmets and stand toe to toe with some of the more expensive offerings from Shoei, AGV and Arai when it comes to safety achievements. Having been around since the open face helmet era, HJC have long been known for their ensuring their helmets meet all the required safety standards and looking good while doing it - nowadays all HJC helmets feature ECE certification. Safety is first and foremost for HJC, but in recent years they have stepped up to the plate with some of the most cutting edge graphics and designs available on their road helmets. A range of superhero offerings; from Batman to Deadpool and even Monsters Inc's Mike Wazowski, have ensured the typical matt black helmet can be left in the cupboard for rainy days. So chuck on your vests, flick down your sun visor and click another gear while enjoying the ride with HJC.