Hiflofiltro is the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles, scooters and ATV’s worldwide. Their filters are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers as well as private label brands.

The Hiflofiltro-Thai Yang Kitpaisan factory was founded in 1955. To achieve the level of quality they strive for the company uses only the most premium materials procured from companies all over the world. The steel from Toyota in Japan, the glue from Henkel in Germany and the filter paper from Ahlstrom Filtration in Finland.

The paper from Hiflo Oil Filters go through 16 individual quality control checks before it receives the approval to leave the factory.

Hiflo have been manufacturing filters for the OEM motor industry since 1963. With the experience of more than four decades, continuous research and development and modern production facilities, Hiflo manufacture some of the best quality filters in the world.