Heidenau have been producing rubber tires since the 1950's, albeit under a few different monikers and with a few different focuses. Since 1993 though, Heidenau have been focused on the production of motorcycle tyres, kart tyres and special purpose tyres. Here at MXstore we stock the Heidenau K60 Scout dual sport tyre. Heidenau motorcycle tyres have been highly regarded for their cornering stability, on and off road traction, their wet weather grip and improved tread life. Ticking off these must haves makes the K60 a highly sought after dual sport tire. The understated knobby tread pattern has been developed to offer the best performance for dual purpose and adventure bikes enthusiasts. These Heidenau tires offer a long life span on the road, and the big block rear tyre enables performance when the terrain heads a bit more enduro oriented. As well as the Heidenau adventure motorcycle tyres, we also offer a variety of models from Pirelli, Shinko, Mitas, Motoz, Michelin and more.