Step into the world of GUTS Racing, born in 1985 amidst the roaring engines and dust clouds of Northern California's Hangtown—the very birthplace of Nor-Cal motocross. Fuelled by the spirit of innovation, GUTS Racing has emerged as a pioneer in seat technology, committed to bringing you the highest quality Dirt bike seat covers

At the heart of GUTS Racing is a dedication to seat improvement. Whatever enhancements your seat craves, GUTS is ready to deliver. As a trusted choice of factory race teams globally, our seat covers are crafted with precision using cutting-edge gripper material and a rib pattern design. This ensures not just a seat cover but an unparalleled grip that puts you in control.

Join the legacy of champions who trust GUTS Racing for their seat needs. Because when it comes to motocross, your seat isn't just a perch—it's a connection to victory, and with GUTS, that connection is stronger than eve