The GoPro Hero range of action cameras have long been the go to compact video camera for action sports users since they burst onto the scene some ten years ago. The GoPro Cameras range offer the best image quality and resolution, packed into a seemingly bomb proof package that offers a huge range of features. As well as their class leading camera features, another factor in what makes GoPro stand out is their massive range of camera accessories. Items such as the chest mount, GoPro head strap, floaty, extension pole, suction cup mount and other various GoPro mounts have been around since the original GoPro Hero range came out. Now we are up to the GoPro Hero 8 Black camera and the GoPro Accessories range still features these staple items, as well as several new items to complement the new GoPro Max 360 Cameras. The GoPro Smart Remote control can be mounted at the grip end of your selfie stick or on your handlebars perhaps to allow you to start, stop, pause, take photos all without having to touch you actual camera. There are a variety of other selfie stick options, with the Shorty offering a mini holding device that can turn into a small tripod, where the floating hand grip will keep things on the surface if you come unattached. There are a wide range of screen protectors for the more recent Hero 6, Hero7 and Hero 8, as well as lanyards, rechargeable battery and battery charger options to get the best life out of these compact cameras. One of the best gadgets to add to your quiver is the smart phone mount - this guy allows you to mount an Iphone or Samsung or other Android phone on your pole or elsewhere and view what is appearing on your camera.