Fox Titan Race elbow guards are an excellent choice for those wanting a premium quality MX elbow guard but aren't in the financial position to buy the Titan Pro range. These guards are for the budget conscious that still want a good quality pair of elbow guards by one of the safest moto brands in the game. Decent coverage including the elbow and forearm with the same chassis as the Titan pro range will protect your elbows like a boss and have you riding injury free. 

With an impressive line-up of features including plastic elbow and forearm coverage with a comfy bio foam tricep, elastic straps with velcro adjustment for the perfect fit and to keep guards in place, and a soft bio foam chassis. That's a decent set of features considering the price and similarity to the Fox Titan Pro elbow guards range. 

The last thing you want is a busted up elbow to hinder your riding and cause all sorts of pain and discomfort. We recommend padding yourself out with a pair of streamlined and lightweight, barely-there yet super protective elbow guards. Fox has been in the moto game now for over 4 decades and has been making some of the safest gear on the market during this time. These elbow guards are no exception and will save your elbows from getting into strife. Check out the full range of Fox Titan Race elbow guards today and get protected with some of the best value-for-money gear available.