Fox Thongs are your ultimate everyday staple item that will be your best mate on those hot summer days on the sand or blistering concrete. A no-fuss easy slip-on footwear option that every Australian has at least a few pairs of for kicking around in. Don't suffer from a bothersome blow-out and invest in a good quality pair of flip-flops that'll last you years and not miss a beat. Fox is renowned for their top-quality products that just keep going and their thong range is no exception. 

Made of lightweight rubber materials with the famous Fox Head logo featured on both the strap and footbed. Rep your favourite brand on a pair of thongs that will compliment any casual outfit or dress down any get-up that you've overdone. No one likes rocking up to a party overdressed making you unnecessarily uncomfortable. Carry a pair of thongs in your car, moto backpack, or back pocket for those occasions when you've rocked the dress shoes and you really didn't have to. These are the perfect accessory to casual-ify' any outfit. 

Check out the full range of Fox thongs today and grab yourself a pair of pluggers that won't come unplugged.