Fox MX Tech socks are the thinnest moto socks you'll find in the Fox socks range. If you're in the market for ultralight MX socks with that barely-there feel that many of us want in our under boot wear then you'll love how the Tech socks feel on your feet. Padding on the important parts keeps susceptible to blistering regions safe and cushioned without being bulky and weighing you down. Fox is renowned for their top-class premium products that just keep going and the Tech socks are no exception. When you need some new socks don't try and go cheap to save a few dollars because we almost 100% guarantee that they'll fall apart sooner than you think and will leave your feet in a pile of sweat and ill-fitting fabric. 

If you're after something with more padding and arch support then check out the range of Fox Fri socks for that ultra-cushioned feel. Whether you need a fully padded pair of socks or a pair with minimal bulk or something in-between, Fox has you covered with their extensive selection of socks to prevent painful blisters, wick moisture away, and absorb shock. Check out the full range of Fox socks today for that new sock feel that will last you for seasons to come.