Fox Legion gloves are the perfect option for those looking for a hardy pair of off-road gloves for all your trail adventures. These things can pack a serious punch and put up with all sorts of abuse and unfortunate tree interactions. Fox teamed up with Cordura to make these unbelievably durable moto gloves. Cordura are industry leaders when it comes to fabric development and are renowned for producing fabrics that are durable, versatile, and reliable. This beautiful partnership gave birth to a pair of gloves with a bunch of personality and features to make your ride as comfortable as ever. 

Not only are these bad boys super comfy and almost indestructible, they are also touchscreen compatible! No more eating into your ride time due to having to take your gloves off to use your phone or other touchscreen devices. Save time and frustration and stay gloved up all day. These gloves will honestly go as far as your bike will get you. Check out the full line-up of Legion gloves today for epic hand protection that is purpose-built to tackle the trails and ready to go that extra mile.