The Fox hydration range will quench your thirst on a hot summers day at the track or on the trails. If you're someone that likes to stay hydrated without stopping for a drink break every 10 minutes then get hydrated with Fox and their premium range of hydration packs. Not only do they provide you with a steady stream of H2O but they also serve as a handy storage system to keep your essentials on hand. With a fleece lined sunglasses/media pocket, secure storage of a full face helmet, waist belt with pockets, tool storage compartment, and large main storage compartment, you'll never be stuck without your important bits again!

For a long day on the bike when you're getting the pasties and there's no water in sight then a Fox hydration pack is exactly what you need. At first glance, these may seem like an expensive bit of kit but when you factor in the fact that they're essentially also a moto backpack then you're really getting two bits of gear in one. Plus, its Fox, and their stuff is built with such high quality that you'll be running this pack for years to come if not decades depending on the level of abuse you give it. 

If your current financial situation doesn't allow you to buy an MX hydration pack then opt for a Fox waterbottle in the meantime. A simple, hands-free open & close valve makes it quick and easy to have a drink without fumbling around with lids and other fiddly pieces that are often found on many water bottles that slow down the bottle-to-mouth process. Whether you're ready to invest in a Fox hydration pack or just a simple water bottle, check out the full range today and get quenched.