Fox Flexair combos should be your first port of call when you're in the market for premium, super lightweight gear that is so barely-there you'll forget you're wearing it. This is the stuff dreams are made of (if your favourite dreams are about riding while wearing nothing but your birthday suit). Utilizing TruDri fabric with targeted ventilation, not only is this gear super soft and thin but it's also breathable and deceptively durable. You may ask yourself how this gear is so tough when its made of such soft, supple fabric. Well, that's exactly what our feelings were when we first got our mitts on it. But let us assure you, there's no breaking this stuff easily. You'd have a pretty tough time trying to get this stuff to buckle under pressure, if at all.

Fox combos allow you to build your bundle and save time and money trawling the net trying to source all of the matching pieces to complete your track look. We've done all the hard work for you, so all there really is left to do is pick the bits you want. Whether its just the pair of gloves you're after or the whole kit and kaboodle, we're confident you'll love our combo pages as much as we do. Pair up your favourite Flexair jersey and pants with a Fox V3 helmet, Flexair gloves, knee brace socks, and Fox Instinct boots for the ultimate style. Check out the full range today for a hardy combination of dreamy Fox motocross gear that looks as good as it performs.