Fox boardshorts are for dudes that want a pair of boardies that are actual boardies and not something that almost resembles a pair of hot pants for men. There are a lot of hipster style super short boardies being rocked as of recent years and it's hard to come across a pair that doesn't show your chicken legs and super pasty upper thigh. Fox boardshorts are a standard classic fit boardie that focuses more on being water-resistant with a rapid dry time rather than being made of floral organic cotton that looks pretty but holds water like the Hinze Dam. A flat lay design offers a minimal bulk closure system to avoid any awkward mountainous regions around the crouch.

With a bunch of neutral, non-stand out colours and designs available you'll be sure to find something that fits in well with your wardrobe and go with most of the other stuff your running. When you want a pair of boardies that do a good job of being boardies without all the chai lattes and a velvet wizard hats that go with it then these are the shorts for you. Check out the full range today for a no-frills (literally) pair of premium moto boardshorts that you won't see being sold near a farmers market or boat shoes stand.