Fox Airline Gear Sets have arrived, and let us be the first to say it - Fox has officially redefined the meaning of a lightweight motocross gear set. We were some of the first in the country to get our hands on a set of this stuff, and it literally blew us away at just how light the new Airline gear really is. The Airline Jersey is practically non-existent in terms of weight, while the pants seem to feel like nothing more than a set of compression skins. But don't think for a second that Fox sacrificed quality construction for a lighter weight - this stuff is tough as nails and durable as anything.

Our boy Chad Reed #22 was the first to debut this stuff on the world stage, putting a set to the test at his record breaking 228th AMA Supercross Open Class start, and to say he was pumped on the new gear would be an understatement - "The all new Fox Airline kit is definitely my personal favourite of the last few years" - @crtwotwo. And Reedy is certainly not the only big gun who was keen to put the Airline gear to the test. Check out the video of the G.O.A.T himself Ricky Carmichael and young gun Austin Forkner puttting the Airline gear through its paces at the launch of the 2019 Fox range. Trust us when we say, you want to get your hands on a set of this stuff. And even if you don't, we definitely will be!

Hats off to the lords at Fox for continuing to push the boundaries of possibility when it comes to motocross racewear. The ultra lightweight Fox Airline kit is a testament to why this brand has been one of the most respected in the industry for decades.