Our line of FMF Powecore 2 Shorty Silencers is one of the most popular ranges of two-stroke pipes we stock here at MXstore. The guys at FMF know a thing or two about two-stroke silencers, and the Shorty Powercore 2 is the perfect example of that. They took the proven success that was the Powercore 2, and by modifying the silencer with a shorter inner core length and shorter aluminum canister, the Powercore 2 Shorty Silencer was born. This design results in a simple to install, finely tuned performance silencer, which works extremely well when it comes to maximizing bottom and mid RPM power. The Powercore 2 Shorty is a great option for tighter motocross tracks and most supercross applications. Not only that, they look and sound pretty damn rad as well! Don't forget, if you want to keep your chamber and silencer in tip-top condition, make sure you check out our FMF Muffler Packing as well.

We stock FMF Powercore 2 Shorty Silencers for the majority of your more recent two-stroke dirt bike models, including most 80cc and 85cc bikes, as well as most of your big bikes from KTM, Yamaha, Husqvarna, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. If you are chasing a Shorty Powercore 2 Silencer and can't find one for your bike model using our Parts Finder, you might want to Contact Our Customer Service Team so they can try and track one down to your bike model. Keep in mind that all of our FMF Powercore 2 Shorty Silencers will be coming your way care of free shipping, so you won't have to fork out any extra dollars on excess freight charges. Check out the range and chuck a new FMF Shorty Silencer on your dirt bike today!