FMF Exhaust Bungs are an absolute must-have for every single FMF Exhaust out there. These little beauties are one some of the finer looking exhaust plugs out there on the market, and whilst some of you may argue that an exhaust bung is really just an exhaust bung, it's hard to say these guys aren't one of the best looking options in the industry. Not only that, they're top quality products like all those produced by the FMF brand, and they're guaranteed to get the job done (and when that job is keeping water and debris out of your engine, it's something you don't want to be taking any chances with). With a beauty of a streamer attached to the end of your muffler bung that almost screams REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT, you'll save yourself the embarrassment of trying to keep over your machine with an exhaust bung still stuff up your muffler as well. Spend over $20 on any order with an FMF Muffler Plug and you'll get free shipping on your order as well!