Fly Racing Lite pants are for the serious moto riders who are ready to take their riding to the next level. If you have dreams of stepping up to the podium as some of the fastest riders in the world have done while wearing this gear, then read on, we reckon you're going to like this stuff. Super light-weight in design, with unmatched performance, this pair of MX pants means business with its multi-direction stretch-rib panels that are extremely flexible for the ultimate mobility and a full-floating seat with stretch-rib material around the edges that naturally shifts with your bodies movements. These pants scream comfort and flexibility and were designed to be the most well-engineered piece of racewear that moves when you do, without drag or bulkiness that slows you down which is often seen in other "performance" moto pants. 

The Fly Lite range is in a league of its own. Whereas most racewear can be categorised into entry-level, mid-level, or premium, Lite is out on its own - in front. Being a top choice of performance gear for many of the pro riders, Lite will undoubtedly exceed your expectations and perform like nothing you've ever worn before. Not only does this stuff function like a boss, but it also looks epic too with a vibrant array of colours and statement designs to choose from. 

Check out the full range of Fly Racing Lite pants today and feel the difference that an ultra-light pair of moto pants makes to your performance. Get ready to take your riding to new heights and leave your competitors in the dust.