Fly Racing F-16 jerseys are the perfect option for those wanting a value-for-money, lightweight moto jersey that will get the job done without breaking the bank. The F-16 line-up is one of Fly's most popular ranges due to its affordability and suitability for pretty much every rider, whether you're new to the scene or a seasoned veteran wanting a low-cost jersey to rough around in. The standard fit also makes it a favourite for those wanting a jersey that isn't too tight and contouring more detail of your body than you're comfortable putting on show. It won't have that loose feeling either that can often cause drag and slow you down.

Built for comfort and performance, these MX jerseys will not hinder a ride and cause discomfort like some other lower cost jerseys can do. The poly construction is nice and soft against your skin yet still durable and able to put up with all sorts of punishment. One of the things we love about Fly Racing motocross gear is the popping colours and statement designs. With the graphics being sublimated and of super high quality you'll be running this stuff for seasons to come without fading or peeling. 

Pair up you're favourite F-16 jersey with the matching Fly Racing F-16 pants to complete your look. Whether you're after a value gear set as a spare or you're new to motocross and aren't ready to fork out hundreds for some of the premium lines, the F-16 range will have you covered. Check out the full range today and get your rig sorted without having to re-mortgage your house.