Fly Racing Evolution gear sets are your premium, top-of-the-line pants and jersey sets that are built for breathability, comfort, and performance. Designed to help and not hinder your riding experience, these moto gear sets will enhance your overall track or trail enjoyment for years to come without showing signs of wear and tear. The guys at Fly continually improve and upgrade the Evolution range and focus on movement and function, providing an unmatched range of fit and adjustability. 

Fly Racing Evolution jerseys are a low profile multi-panel construction built to maximize performance and comfortability so that you can keep riding and riding without having to stop due to gear that is uncomfortable and ill-fitting. A Zero-Seam Armpit eliminates chafing and discomfort while the slightly slim cut, athletic design won't drag or slow you down. These jerseys are jam-packed with features that enhance performance and comfort.

Fly Racing Evolution pants are an epic combination of breathability and durability with its 600D fabric that still allows airflow. Vented mesh areas in the thigh, knee, calf, seat and crotch add to the breathability factor as well as strategically placed laser-cut perforations in critical areas. This advanced pair of MX pants will even comfortably fit some MX knee braces and guards with plenty of room to accommodate them. If you've every had zipper or fly issues/awkward situations then you'll love the exclusive zipper lock system that keeps pants closed and secure. 

These gear sets look awesome with heaps of colours and designs to choose from to make you a stand out on the track or trails for years to come. Check out the full range today and feel the difference of a top-of-the-line Fly gear set!