Fly Racing combos are your one-stop-shop to buy as much or as little of your favourite matching Fly gear. Have a browse through each of the combos and choose just a pair of MX gloves or boots, or both, or the lot! Our combo pages are an easy and efficient way to shop for a gear set and matching boots, helmet, and gloves in one hit. Don't waste potentially hours scanning through our website trying to pair up a Fly gear set with its matching protective gear. We've done the hard work for you so that you can see how it will all look as a combo! Whether you're after a budget-friendly F-16 combo, the mid-range Kinetic line, a premium Evolution combo, or super light-weight Lite combo, we've got you covered.

Fly Racing F-16 combos are for those who want good quality, well-thought-out, durable riding gear that won't break the bank. Nice and lightweight, with a multi-panel construction for max performance and comfort, the Fly F-16 jerseys won't drag you down with heavy fabric like some other low-cost MX jerseys can do. The F-16 pants have a durable 600D construction, ergonomically pre-shaped knee with the ability to fit some knee guards and braces, and is fully adjustable for a comfort fit. Pair this popular gear set with a Fly Racing F-2 helmet, Fly F-16 gloves, and Maverik boots. A great all-rounder for those new to the scene who want some sturdy gear, or those wanting some spare gear for the gear bag. Either way, the F-16 range has your back. 

The Fly Racing Kinetic range utilizes minimal weight fabric with comfort mesh liners to help keep you cool. If you're after a mid-level combo that is excellent quality yet still affordable then the Kinetic line-up is one to look at. Durability is at an all time high when looking at the Kinetic pants range with its 900D fabric that is not often seen in a mid-level pair of MX pants. Pair up your favourite Kinetic gear set with its matching Kinetic helmet, gloves, and Fly Racing Maverik boots

If you're after a top-quality premium combo then the Fly Evolution range may be more up your ally. The guys at Fly have left no stone unturned when they developed the Evolution range with its features galore and high-quality construction. The Evolution combo consists of an exceptional quality gear set, Evolution gloves, a Fly F-2 helmet, and Maverik boots. 

If you're ready to take your riding to the next level and want to run the same gear that the pro's wear then the Fly Lite range will be one to check out. Countless hours of research and development has gone into this gear to make it world-class racewear that some of the fastest racers in the industry trust their lives with. Ultra-light in weight and so breezy you'll forget you're wearing it, the slightly athletic design contours your body and keeps mobility at an all-time high. The Lite gear set has been paired up with an F-2 helmet, Lite gloves, and Maverik boots to make this one of the lightest combos on the market.