Fly Racing backpacks are the perfect all-rounder that will carry all your important bits and keep them secure. We're not going to fluff around here, these bags are basic in features but are a good staple backpack that will store your stuff and won't break the bank. This value-for-money backpack is great as a gym bag, sports bag, school bag, beach backpack, day travel back-pack, or an overnight backpack for those who don't take everything including the kitchen sink with them (the Oakley Kitchen Sink Stealth Backpack is perfect for that).

A clean, no-fuss, streamlined design won't knock people over or cause a scene in the grocery store isles from knocking cans of soup off the shelves like some other bulky moto backpacks do. This barely-there (depending on how much is in it) backpack will go with you on your adventures without hindering your experience. Top quality YKK zippers will make zipping a breeze for years to come without coming unhinged and no-longer usable like many other low-cost backpacks have the problem of. 

You even get an elasticized MX water bottle pocket on both sides of the backpack to get stocked up on your favourite beverage and keep you hydrated. There's nothing worse than a backpack that doesn't have side mesh pockets, leaving you no other choice but to put your water bottle inside your bag, taking up space and leaving all your paperwork and other such things a drippy mess from the condensation it leaves. 

With two zippered compartments you'll be able to keep your smaller, hard-to-find items in the front pocket for quick-access and minimal fumbling around and wasting precious time. You even get an internal mesh pocket and organizer sleeve to separate your school work, tax return, accumulation of brochures you've picked up along the way, and unread mail/bills that you've been meaning to attend to.

Check out the full range of Fly backpacks today and get your important and not so important bits and pieces sored and organized in a super affordable MX backpack that will go with you anywhere.