Since 1998 Fly Racing have been producing high quality motorcycle products for both bike and body. Over that two decade period, the Fly Racing product range has grown to encompass one of the largest off road offerings available from a single supplier. As well as a massive range of hard parts and rider products, Fly Racing also has a solid squad of racers repping their gear on motocross and supercross tracks the world over. Factory Honda's and multi-time Australia SX champion Justin Brayton is one of Fly's longest serving athletes, while you will also see the gear on Rockstar Husqvarna's Zach Ozborne. Here at MXstore we have stocked Fly motocross gear for years, and the Fly Racing gear has long been a popular option for customers and staff alike. For 2021 things don't seem to be slowing down in anyway for the Fly juggernaut, with updated racewear, new helmets and the same great range of options for riders of all sizes and all budgets. 

Fly have you covered from head to toe, and if you are going to talk about anything Fly you might as well start at the top. When it comes to helmets, Fly have not pulled any punches. For 2020 Fly released the Formula Helmet, one of the most advanced helmets the dirt bike market had ever seen. If you pay attention to any motocross media you would have seen the Formula helmet, as the only thing that pipped the marketing costs for their new lid was the money spent on the research and development that went into the helmet. The Formula helmet saw Fly utilise existing technologies such as Conehead and combining this with their own Adaptive Impact System to provide the best force mitigation for both high and low speed impacts. For 2021 the Fly Formula returns to lead the way, offering some sweet new colourways and subtle refinements. The big addition to the Fly helmet range is the Fly Formula CC Helmet; featuring the same safety technologies found in the Formula Carbon, the Formula CC comes with a carbon/fibreglass blend shell to offer some of the most advanced features ever offered at a more reasonable price. The Formula Carbon is available in both adults and kids sizes, with the Formula CC just available for adults upon launch. For the more budget conscious shopper, the Fly Helmet range also includes the Fly Racing Kinetic helmet for the motocross and enduro riders, as well as the Fly Trekker dual sport helmet for those mixing it on their adventure bikes.

As well as helmets, the Fly Racing range offers an assortment of goggles at a reasonable price. Featuring tinted and reflective lenses, the Focus, Zone and Zone and Zone Pro goggles can offer up the performance you need at a price that won't break the bank. With updated foam for the 2021 range, the goggles are super comfy and do a great job of keeping condensation at bay.

When it comes to riding gear, Fly have always done a killer job of catering to anyone and everyone. For 2021 Fly Racing have stuck to their staple gear ranges of Evolution DST, Lite, Kinetic and the F-16 ranges. The Evolution DST and Lite Hydrogen ranges are the highest level offerings from Fly and feature a gambit of cutting edge features that set them apart from almost every other pant offered in the marketplace. For several years now these 2 models of pants have utilised the BOA retention system to offer the most assured pant fit available, and for 2021 that is maintained. The Evolution features the BOA in the original rear of pant location, with for 2021 the Lite pant has seen this BOA move to the front of the pant and has seen the eradication of your typical ratchet and zipper pant closure system. Let's just say that is one of the biggest change ups to moto pants in ages, and is all about setting a level of unmatched rider comfort. The Kinetic pant retains the standard pant closure system and features a more traditional motocross pant construction with leather knee patches and ample built in venting, while the F-16 is a value priced work horse that doesn't break the bank. The jersey range works on the same sliding scale, with the Evolution and Lite jerseys cut with a more athletic, sleek fitting design, while the Kinetic and F-16 offer a more traditional, looser fitting design. Adults can pick from the full range of Fly pants and jerseys, while the groms will have to make do with the Kinetic and F-16 ranges. Across these ranges Fly also offers gloves to complement each gear range. Featuring a high level of tech that matches the pant and jersey counterparts, the Fly Racing gloves range ensures a precise point of contact with the most vital controls of your machine. 

As well as the gear and helmet range, the Fly Racing 2021 boot range caters to both adult and junior riders. For the older crowd the Fly Maverick entry level boot and FR5 mid range boots are on offer. Featuring solid options for the price, the Fly boot range is not to be underestimated. For the little ones, there is a Fly boot to see them through from when they first hop onto a Peewee or ATV through to the point where they move to a full size KTM or Kawasaki motocross machine. And of course Fly have a range of gear bags, backpacks and helmet bags to help get your copious quantities of Fly gear from home to the track and back as effortlessly as possible. You can check out the full range of Fly Racing 2021 gear right here at MXstore, where we stock a huge assortment of gear you can grab with our effortless shopping and super fast shipping.