Fasthouse pants are everything you want in a pair of MX pants and none of the stuff you don't. Don't pay exuberant amounts of money for fancy features that don't add as much value as they suggest. Fasthouse have stripped their pants range down to what truly matters - durability, comfort, and performance. WIth their 600D construction, these pants are durable enough to shred up the trails and get up to all sorts of no good, and high-performance enough for the Supercross. You won't see any over-engineered fluff here, just pure fit, function, and form. 

Lightweight and breathable, these high air-flow pants are not only ventilated to the max but they're also so durable they will put up with pretty much anything you throw its way. The full-grain leather inner knee panels will handle heat like a boss and take on all sorts of punishment. A silky soft Tricot 3/4 length lining is optimized to accommodate an MX knee brace to up your level of safety and keep your knees protected. 

Available in the Fasthouse Speed Style range and Fasthosue Grindhouse line-up, there's plenty here on offer to find something to suit your needs. Pair up your favourite Fasthouse pants with the matching Fasthouse jersey for the ultimate race-ready look that will be turning heads for seasons to come. Check out the full range of Fasthouse pants today for a top-quality, no-fuss pair of MX pants that tick all the boxes and won't break the bank.