Fasthouse Grindhouse pants have been a favourite for a while now due to the Fasthous brand and what they represent, as well as their excellent no-fuss products that have more of what you need and none of the stuff you don't. At the very core of Grindhouse pants are fit, function, and simplicity, priding itself on giving the customer the parts of the pants that matter using the absolute best quality materials available. This is a pair of MX pants that is ultra premium in quality and stripped back in features. Sometimes more features does not always equal a better product. 

These retro-inspired moto pants will transport you back in time to a place where there were no rules and any that did exist were made to be broken. It was un-regulated, fun as anything, and free. These were the golden days, and although as much as we wish some of that era still existed today, it will remain in the past to look back on and marvel at. Fasthouse has done its bit to bring back what it could - vintage-inspired racewear that will appeal to the lovers of traditional motocross and all the legends that rode before them. Original old-school style moto pants with all the modern technological advancements? Yes please! Check out the full range of Grindhouse pants today to appreciate the full scope of what these pants offer.