Factory Effec or “FX” has deeply established roots in the motocross industry in the USA. Bryar Holcomb (Founder and President of Factory Effex, Inc) has been a part of the motocross industry since the very first race was held on US soil in 1967.

From being a spectator at that first race through to himself becoming a pro racing against the likes of DeCoster, Everts and many great icons of the sport, Bryar has always maintained his level of enthusiasm, passion and dedication to the sport.

Factory Effex officially started in 1992 with their first line of Factory Effex Graphics Kits designed less for aesthetics and more for “protection for your plastics” and the moto graphic industry was born.

The love for the industry is the driving force of their staff with the majority of their employee’s from warehouse to sales and marketing participate in some form of motorcycle riding.

With so much history and passion driving the company it is no wonder why Factory Effex has formed partnerships with more Factory teams than any other graphics company around the globe. There is rarely a gate drop without a bike lining up with a sticker kit or Factory Effex Seat Covers, anywhere in the world.