Ethika women's underwear is in a league of its own when it comes to underwear for the active girls who have a thirst for adventure. Ethika's are a massive favourite for not only motocross riders around the globe who like comfy underwear to race in, but even for your everyday person who appreciates underwear made from exceptionally well sourced and strategically blended fabrics that feel so soft against your skin you'll forget you're wearing them...which is exactly what you want in a pair of womens underwear!

You know that feeling when you're sitting at work or doing the groceries, or even walking the dog, and somethings bothering you but you can't exactly put your finger on why? It's more often than not because your undies are uncomfortable, and it's not til the end of the day when you're about to have a shower that you notice the indentations your underwear has made in your skin from poor quality fabric and elastic. Women's Ethika undies don't do that...and we can speak from experience here because most of our workforce here at MXstore chooses to only wear Ethikas. 

Whether you're a chick that loves a g-string style, bikini brief, cheeky, staple, or lounge leggings/pants, there's a design here to suit the style of all the ladies out there! Ethika women's Staple briefs are super popular among the women riders out there as they provide great support and prevent chaffing. If you're like us and see underwear as an investment in your well-being and mood then invest in some of the best undie threads you can buy. Check out the full range of Ethika womens underwear today and chuck some knickers in your cart that will outlast your MX pants and probably look better too.