The Ethika Subzero Mens Performance range is a seriously impressive line of underwear. Ethika is well known for their association with numerous sports and professional athletes around the world, so it's no surprise they've invested a heap of time and resources into developing their own line of sports performance underwear. The Subzero Ethika line is the very top of the performance range, although it's complemented nicely by the Ethika Micromesh lines as well. And whilst the Micromesh underwear performs admirably, the Subzero range is really in a league of its own. And while you might find it hard to believe that a pair of underwear can hold true to such praise, once you put on a pair of Subzero Ethikas, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

The Subzero line is true to its name when it comes to training and working out - these things are specifically designed to keep you cool. Working up a serious sweat during your training is great, but it's damn uncomfortable when your underwear starts getting caught up and drenched with sweat. The Subzero line is made up of a unique hyper cooling, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you nice and cool down there, and more importantly, sweat-free! We've personally put these to the test and were beyond stoked with the results (you won't catch us training in anything else nowadays!), so if you're after some reliable high performance underwear, these are definitely what you need. All your Ethika Subzero underwear will be winging their way to care of free freight as well, so you can't go wrong. Get involved and grab yourself a set today!