EKS Brand has come a long way since its founding back in 2006. Based out of the Agoura Hills in California, goggle experts Rich Taylor and his dad Hook Taylor took their 30 years plus of performance eyewear experience and created one of the freshest and afforable goggle brands in the industry today. EKS Brand Goggles have achieved some serious milestones in that short space of time, landing themselves on the top step of the podium in AMA Supercross and Motocross events, FIM World Championship races, GNCC XC-1 Championships, as well as Baja races and National Enduro event wins. The wicked designs and colour schemes of these unique goggles make them a sight to remember, so keep your eyes peeled and we have no doubt you'll be seeing a lot more EKS Brand goggles on show on the world stage.

Of course, while the goggles are the true performers, EKS Brand goggles owe a lot of their success to the epic variety of lenses that feature across their whole goggle range. Interchangeable across the whole GO-X range, EKS Brand Goggle Lenses come in a wide range of colours and tints that allows you to customise your goggles to suit whatever look you're chasing. Fire red or Ice Blue, Purple Jade or Dark Smoke, EKS lenses have something for everyone. Made from the highest quality polycarbonate material available, and coated with special Anti-Fog, these lenses are extremely reliable and live up to the EKS Brand name. And even better, changing the lens on your goggle is extremely simple, so if your personality is feeling especially fiery out at track, chucking that Fire Red lens into your goggles will only take seconds! 

While their goggles are definitely the crown jewel of the EKS Brand range, their recently released grips are definitely not far behind. Developed from a brand new unique rubber compound known as Softidium, EKS Brand Grips have already been proven to perform and are growing in popularity with each day. EKS Grips are unique in offering a soft compound grip that your hands will love you for, whilst maintaining the durability of a medium compound grip that your wallet will love even more. As EKS Brand pride themselves on being experts in the field of urethane and rubber, their grips are a true realisation of technological advancements in something as simple as a dirt bike grip.