Providing excellent traction for both off road and on road conditions, the Dunlop D606 dual sport tyres should be at the top of your wishlist when replacing the supplied OEM motorcycle tyres. These DOT street legal knobby's feature a full-depth tread pattern and a well tested tread compound to ensure they provide great durability and performance, whether you are road riding, blasting down fire roads in the bush, or delving into the soft single-track trails on your enduro machine. Whether you're on a KTM, Honda or Yamaha dirt bike, riders all over Australia will appreciate the good highway wear offered by a D606 front and rear tyre combo, while maintaining aggressive off road traction. Designed with a 90/10 off road to road ratio in mind, the D606 has been built upon Dunlop's motocross heritage to bring the best performance when off of the bitumen, but to also offer good highway durability to make it easy to get yourself easily to the off road sections of your ride.