Combining functionality with style, Dririder Boots are awesome, whether they're on road shoes or adventure boots! The Dririder Urban road shoes offer up a casual shoe while still brings some solid protection to the table. Constructed out of heavy duty canvas and leather, it is light enough to be worn all day as you would any other shoe. Plus, it has the added bonus of looking great on or off the bike! The next level up in protection while still upholding the casual look, The Iride 3 boot is CE approved and constructed with a full leather upper and features ankle protection and reinforced heel and toe areas. There is also a waterproof breathable lined fitted for all season use. Honestly, if you're someone who enjoys getting around town on your road bike or cafe racer, the DriRider Footwear range is going to be your best friend.

And it doesn't stop there -  the DriRider Adventure boots are an absolute hit in the offroad market, catering for those who enjoy hitting the highways as much as adventuring off the beaten track. As with all DriRider products, there's nothing but quality and durability on offer throughout the entire line, so you know that no matter what price tag is attached, you're getting more than your money's worth. Take advantage of our free shipping on any order over $20 to anywhere in the country, and get yourself a set of high quality DriRider boots today!