Dragon's beginnings date back to 1993, when founder Will Howard set up a company in his garage in Capo Beach, California, in which he planned to build a perfomance eyewear brand unlike no other. Passionate about everything surfing, snowboarding, or dirt bike related, Will set out to translate that passion into a range of products that fused high quality and extremely functional designs with a style that stood out from the rest. Nowadays, Dragon Goggles are a living realisation of that original vision. Embraced by action sports athletes around the world, Dragon goggles are no stranger to seeing the top of the podium, and being adorned with gold medals. In both Snow and MX, Dragon stand atop the summit of premium performance eyewear, and we don't see that changing any time soon.

The crown jewel of Dragon's goggle lines is the NFX2 goggle. Available in both a Snow and MX version, the Dragon NFX2 MX goggle was a revolutionary step forward in the motocross goggle industry. Combining the best aspects of its predecessors, the NFX and NFXs, the NFX2 took the best of what both had to offer, fused it with the highest level optical technology available, and wrapped it up in one of the best looking goggle packages on the market. With AMA supercross heavyweight Jason Anderson and Freestyle world champion Nate Adams directly involved with the development of the NFX2, it's no surprise to see the NFX2 come out the other end as one of the most advanced motocross goggles ever produced. 

The huge range of Dragon goggle lenses at your disposal is an added bonus for Dragon wearers. No other brand comes close when it comes to offering a complete range of replacement lenses in every colour, tint and material you could ever ask for. Whether you're running NFX2's, NFX's, Vendetta's or MDX2's, Dragon has a series of replacement lenses to suit everyone. MXstore is proud to offer one of the largest ranges of replacement MX lenses, so if you're looking at tricking out your Dragon MX goggles with a fresh lens, we've got you covered. Have a browse through our selection and find a colour that screams YOU. 

Of course, Dragon made their name famous on eyewear, and no eyewear range is complete without sunglasses. Dragon sunglasses complement the goggle range perfectly, with a huge variety of styles, colours and tints to suit anyone and everyone. The Domo, Jam, Remix or Fame, we've got them all here at MXstore. Because we know it's not all about how good you look out on the track, but also how good you look walking around the pits! Let Dragon take care of all of your eyewear needs, and you will certainly not be left disappointed. With a product quality unmatched by any other brand, wicked designs that leave that competition behind, and a huge range of accessories and spares available, why would you go anywhere else?